Cheshire, North west UK




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A fight against a 'hidden menace.'

For three years I worked for and attended the meetings of a Bible-based charismatic cult.  Many felt that the leader displayed characteristics associated with a Narcissistic personality and the group used unethical methods of control and manipulation to keep people entrapped and financially exploit them.  The group did me a serious amount of psychological damage and left me unemployed and isolated.


Following this experience, I felt I couldn't pick up with a new life, ignore what had happened and 'move on,' something which was regularly advised.  I needed to do something to raise awareness of coercive control and help people recover from its devastation and committed to make this a focus in my life.


Following my counselling training, I trained as a teacher, specialising in teaching counselling and mental health awareness, and then enrolled on a masters degree in the 'psychology of coercive control,' at the University of Salford.  'To think again,' is the fruit of those decisions.


Richard Turner