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A fight against a 'hidden menace.'

For three years I worked for and attended the meetings of a Bible-based charismatic cult.  Many felt that the leader displayed characteristics associated with a Narcissistic personality and the group used unethical methods of control and manipulation to keep people entrapped and financially exploit them.  The group did me a serious amount of psychological damage and left me unemployed and isolated.


Following this experience, I felt I couldn't pick up with a new life, ignore what had happened and 'move on,' something which was regularly advised.  I needed to do something to raise awareness of coercive control and help people recover from its devastation and committed to make this a focus in my life.


Following my counselling training, I trained as a teacher, specialising in teaching counselling and mental health awareness, and then completed a masters degree in the psychology of coercive controlling behaviour at the University of Salford. 

'To think again,' is my private practice counselling service and the fruit of those decisions.


Richard Turner

FdSc, MSc, MNCPS (Acc.), MSET


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