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Guest speaking/training/media consultancy

I am a trained teacher and I deliver training events on the subject of cults and their impact on mental health.  I can tailor talks to meet the needs of your organisation or group. 

Cult awareness talks may be useful for...​

  • Mental health professionals

  • Those working in a health and social care setting (or training to work in this sector)

  • General safeguarding training

  • Students

  • Concerned family members and friends

  • Ex-cult members

  • Religious or community groups

Past training events have explored issues such as...

  • What is a cult? (Challenges of definitions and identifying a group)

  • Personality types of cult leaders

  • Theories of thought reform/mind control

  • The psychology of persuasion

  • The structure of a cult and recruitment processes

  • Exploring case studies 

  • Escaping a cult and the impact on mental health

  • Recovery


Please contact me through the contact form on this website for a quote to speak at your organisation or in your production.  Generally speaking my training prices are as follows...


£100 per hour for the presentation

£200 for prep time.

Outside of York

£50 per hour for travel time

£100 per hour for the presentation

£200 for prep time.

In addition to this service, I also support the media with articles/interviews about potential cult groups and the psychology of cults (E.g. I News, BBC)  Costs of media appearances are negotiated. 

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