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Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

This privacy policy details how I will use any data, and protect that data if it is collected from this website. I take your privacy seriously, and only collect the minimum that I would need to be able to work with you.

This website has a contact form, this means that I would need to store some information such as name and email address in order to get in touch with you. This also applies if you email me directly.

This information will be used so that I can carry on with our discussions but would not be passed to any third parties at all without your consent.

There are links out to other sites from this website. If you follow a link from this site, then please be aware that I have no control over what data is collected via such an external site.  I also have no control over what other sites may share and cannot be held responsible for their content.

If I keep any data about you, then you are entitled to ask me what data I have. Please contact me if you would like further details of what I hold.

If you believe that I have any incorrect information stored about you or your business, or you no longer wish me to hold the information; then again please get in touch and I will correct or remove the data as soon as possible.

With regards to counselling and cult exit support, whilst I do my best to support clients in their escape or recovery process, the result is not guaranteed, the process can be painful and difficult, and, especially with cult exit support, unpredictable.   Therefore, I cannot guarantee the outcome of any therapy or exit support offered.


With regards to offering guidance to family and friends of a cult member, I am unable to give specific advice and guidance for a situation.  All guidance is based on theory and research and is generalised.  I cannot be held responsible for how this is applied and advise reflection and further research in order to further understand how to best to support the cult member.  My role is as an educator and I am unable to facilitate family mediation. I teach a compassion focused approach to help a cult member understand their experience, inspired by Carl Rogers core conditions of empathy, honesty and unconditional acceptance.  I never encourage a family or friends of a cult member to adopt a 'heavy handed' approach to cult rescue or endorse or encourage any behaviour that relies on shaming, manipulating or coercing a person out of a group (often used in historical cult deprogramming).  If you suspect a person is at serious risk of harm, are missing or may be a victim of human trafficking or there is another serious crime being committed please call the police.

When counselling internationally over an internet call I operate under the law of England. 

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