Exit Support

Exit support can assist you with understanding and supporting a friend or family member who may have found themselves in a destructive group.  I can help you understand the control mechanisms in the group and the best course of action to help the person leave the group.  I offer support in the form of...

  • Research and information gathering.

  • Tuition on the psychology of coercive control in groups and how it impacts a person.

  • Guidance on constructive communication with the member.

  • Family interventions and the creation of exit strategies to help a person escape a group.

Also, if your family have collectively left a cult and need support and guidance understanding your experience, I am also able to assist in this.

Prices vary depending on the service required.  But as a general guide, I charge £90 per hour (telephone/zoom appointments, research prior to the meeting, preparing material etc.). 


A quote will be given following a telephone assessment and discussion for which there is no fee.