'To think again' is my private practice counselling and training service.  I am a fully qualified counsellor and teacher and have a specialist masters degree in the psychology of coercive and controlling behaviour and recovery.  I am fully insured and in regular supervision with a qualified, experienced supervisor.  

If you have any questions or need to discuss your situation, please give me a call.  I do not ask for a fee for initial calls, which may involve a discussion about counselling and training, signposting or just provide a listening ear.  Please note, I may not always be able to answer the phone but aim to return your call within 24 hours.


Upon escaping from an abusive environment people often feel confused, struggle with low self-esteem, identity issues and feel like the departure has left them with a huge void in their life.  My aim as a counsellor is to help clients make sense of their experience, work through trauma caused by it, and rebuild their lives and identity. 

I am an integrative therapist and I often use psycho-educational tools in therapy as a way of helping people understand what has happened to them.  This may involve examining and discussing handouts on topics such as gas lighting, brainwashing/mind control and persuasion techniques to expose the processes of manipulation in a relationship or abusive group.  Alongside this process it is common for other challenging live experiences to be exposed and past clients have also used their therapy to explore issues such as loss/grief or their childhood.

All sessions are client led and as a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's I work to their ethical framework which states that the ethical responsibilities of a counsellor are as follows:

  • Being trustworthy: honouring the trust placed in the practitioner

  • Autonomy: respect for the client’s right to be self-governing

  • Beneficence: a commitment to promoting the client’s wellbeing

  • Non-maleficence: a commitment to avoiding harm to the client

  • Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services

  • Self-respect: fostering the practitioner’s self-knowledge, integrity and care for self

Due to the COVID-19 lock down and relocating my practice, I am currently only offering online video counselling which I ask for £30 per 50 minute session (this includes international clients).

For more details, please contact me here


Concerned about a friend or family member's involvement in a destructive group?  Unsure what is the best course of action?


I offer support in the form of...


  • Research and information gathering.

  • Assessment of support needs.

  • Tuition on the psychology of coercive control in groups and how it impacts a person.

  • Guidance on constructive communication with the member.

  • Family interventions and the creation of exit strategies to help a person escape a group.


Also, if your family have collectively left a cult and need support and guidance understanding your experience, I am also able to assist in this.

Prices vary depending on the service required.  But as a general guide, I charge £200 per 1/2 day (which includes all telephone appointments and research prior to the meeting). A quote will be given following a telephone assessment and discussion for which there is no fee.


I am a trained teacher and I deliver training events or talks on the subject of cults and their impact on mental health and I can tailor talks to meet the needs of your organisation or group. 

Cult awareness talks may be useful for...

  • Mental health professionals

  • Those working in a health and social care setting (or training to work in this sector)

  • General safeguarding training

  • Students

  • Concerned family members and friends

  • Ex-cult members

  • Religious or community groups

Past training events have explored issues such as...


  • What is a cult? (Challenges of definitions and identifying a group)

  • Personality types of cult leaders

  • Theories of thought reform/mind control

  • The psychology of persuasion

  • The structure of a cult and recruitment processes

  • Exploring case studies 

  • Escaping a cult and the impact on mental health

  • Recovery


Please visit the 'Events' link at the top of the page for upcoming training and events or contact me through the contact form on this website for a quote to speak at your organisation.

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